Family Name, First Name, Country, Professional &/or Movement Experience

Ager, Mark, Australia, Cardijn Community Australia

Aguiar, Don, India, Shipping. Now retired in social work and journalism, Church community group, All India Catholic Association

Ahern Ph.D. Kevin, USA, Lay theologian, Professor at Manhattan College, Former president of IMCS, Former president of ICMICA-Pax Romana

Aldous, Geoff, Australia, Diocesan priest, Y.C.S, Y.C.W., Christian Life Groups

Assero, Nancy, USA, Retired, Northeast Catholic Community Peace & Justice Committee

Awinador, William, Ghana, Diplomat and member  of the permanent mission Of Ghana  to the African Union

Ayertey, Victor, Ghana, Secretary-General, International Movement of Catholic Students (IMCS) Pax Romana

Bickham, Willa, USA, Catholic worker, Baltimore Catholic Worker

Bombande Emmanuel, Ghana, Former IYCS Panafrican Team; Founder West African Network for Peacebuilding (WANEP)

Branson, Patrick, Australia, Secondary school teacher for almost 50 years; Adult Assistant to YCS groups for about 40 years and am now a YCW mentor to workers for Perth YCW.

Bright, Jacinta, Australia, Spiritual director, Cardijn Community Australia

Brou, Djekou Lazare, Ivory Coast

Bunting, Mary C., USA, St Vincent de Paul Church

Caluza, Duma, South Africa, Anglican Priest of The Church of the Province (South Africa), At the young age and at the time of apartheid in South Africa as Christian I found myself looking an organizational home where Ii could express my rejection of racial exclusion and exploitation of the working class. I was introduced to the Young Christian Workers. And in Young Christian Workers I found there were young workers from different church denominations whose common agenda was to build a kingdom of God in lives, homes, workplaces, communities and schools based on the social teachings of the Catholic church and reflections of faith as derived from the gospel of Christ. There many organizations like YCW under the umbrella of the church and being managed by the lay people to challenge social injustices and actually making the church and the gospel relevant at the time of despair. Today the church exists not because of priests but because lay people took it upon themselves to spread the gospel and actually bring change and hopes to the lives of people. It was through collaboration and common action that ecumenical or interdenominationalism characterised the church. Now that we became the church leaders said they were going back to becoming church and that’s where the fault line is with church with regard to laity. A church that finds direction from the lay people is seen not to be truly church. And that goes without saying that a church that believes that cannot be expected to promote participation and capacitation of the lay people. As a result I’m current observing with interest as many lose interest in the church, funds are drying down and very few want to become priests and so the future of the church is in a cross road. Our Bishop recently indicated in a synod that the future was with self-supporting priests and lay ministers. And that suggests withdrawal of commitment of the church to educate priests or lay ministers driving us to a situation where theologically the church is bankrupt and therefore not in a position to do social reflections and social action. I therefore believe that the lay people need to find a way to capacitate themselves if they was to contribute to and actually manage a church that recognises them and actually responds to their situations as God’s children.

Cantero, Virginio Torres, Paraguay

Carty, Mary, England, Retired, Former English YCW leader

Castillo, Alejandro, Mexico, Pastoral en Comunidades Eclesiales de Base; Servicio pastoral parroquial

Chong, Jennifer, Malaysia, Splendour Project

Cherussery, Jomon, India, Cardijn Community India

Cloete, Moses G., South Africa, Executive Director, Bench Marks Foundation, South Africa; IYCW Panafrican Team 1985-87, General Secretary 1987-91, International President YCW 1991-1995.

Condrain, Louise, Canada, Educatrice à la retraite, MTC (Mouvement des Travailleurs( ses) Chrétiens(nes)

Connell, Tula, USA, Communications, Worker rights

Conrad, Nancy, USA, Cardijn Associates USA, past YCW national organizer & officer

Crim, Elias, USA, Publisher, Solidarity Hall

Daffulen, Davidson, Malawi, Accountant, Young Christian Workers (YCW)

Delambo, Jerry, USA, Attorney at Law, St Vincent’s

Del Rio, Enrique, Spain, Active in support of undocumented immigrants and refugees, Former president of the International YCW 1969-75

De Paula, Antonio, Brazil, Educador, Enajocista

Droel, Bill, USA, Retired teacher, National Center of the Laity

Ekka, Maryanne, India, Secretary – retired, Started with YCS, then YCW and a committed follower of Cardijn. 6 Was always active in my parish wherever I was. Now in the Parish Council and the Catholic Mahila Sangh at parish, diocese, regional and national level. Was also involved in the Synodality outreach in the parishes of Jamshedpur. Helping them to respond to the questionnaire and give their views of reality in the Parishes. Travelled to remote areas in Dhanbad, Chaibasa, Purulia, and parishes in Saranda forest areas of East & West Singhbhum.

Everaert, Guido, Belgium/Philippines, Religious missionary, Former YCW chaplain / member of the CICM missionaries

Fanchette, Filip, Mauritius, Diocesan priest, Formerly INODEP, World Council of Churches

Fernandes, Clara, India, Banker, Regional Laity Commission, empowering lay persons

Fernandez, Charles Hector, Malaysia, Former Catholic Student Society, for National Office for Human Development, Lay Chaplain and Campus Ministry Team for Malaysian Universities, Former Student Union, Former Member of the Malaysian Bar Council, Malaysian Against Death Penalty and Torture Coordinator, Coordinator of Workers Hub For Change

Fernando, Ruki, Sri Lanka, human rights worker, former member IYCS Asia team

Francisco-Tan Ph.D., Cecilia, Australia, Lecturer, Systematic Theologian, Pastoral Practitioner, Educator; Yarra Theological Union, University of Divinity; Catherine Macaulay Services Ltd. (Institute of the Sisters of Mercy,Australia and Papua New Guinea); Women and the Australian Church (WATAC)

Gaekwad, Hilda Lazarus, India, Cardijn Community India /St Vincent De Paul Society, Pune

Galindo Angel, Victor, Colombia, Educación, Adulto JOC Colombia, Familia Asuncionista en en Misión y Coordinador Planificación Pastoral Participativa-Cebitepal-Celma

Gansore Innocent Moustapha, Ivory Coast

Gigacz, Stefan, Australia, Journalist/translator/researcher, Australian YCW 1974-85, International YCW 1987-93; Cardijn Community International 2001-present; Australian Cardijn Institute 2018-present.

Gigacz, Kiara, Malaysia, Student, 2020-2021 JEC (Jeunesse Etudiante Chrétienne/Young Christian Students) France president

Gimenez, Pedro, Paraguay, Antiguo miembro del Equipo Internacional de la JOCI – Miembro de la JOCA 2000 a 2004. Actualmente miembro del equipo de apoyo adulto de la JOCA

Gois, William, Pakistan, Regional Coordinator, Migrant Forum Asia

Goh, Han Serm, Singapore, President YCS, SIngapore 1974; President YCW, Singapore 1986 to 1988

Goldstein, Dawn Eden, USA, Author, theologian, and canonist, Archdiocese of Washington

Gnanathikam, Augustin MangalaRaj. G, Since 1992 onwards, a volunteer with Christian Workers Movement – India, at diocesan level, then national level, now international council member, World Movement of Christian Workers (WMCW), Belgium

Hernández Quijano, Marco, Colombia, Antropologo, Responsable JOC Colombia 1977/1982

Herry, Chantal Marie, Mauritius, Former head mistress of a public primary school, current secretary of Al A-Non, NGO, aiming at treatment and rehabilitation of alcoholics; secretary of a cooperative, Former member of MIDADE National Team Maurice

Hendricks, Chuck, USA, Unite here Union, St Vincent De Paul Parish, Baltimore, MD, USA

Hilbert, Gerd, Germany, Educational Work with Adults, Christian Workers Movement (KAB)

Ho, Mary, China, Former Young Christian Worker, Hong Kong

Hocquet-Darras, Jackie, France, former president ICYCW

Holbein-Munske, Christophe, Germany, Adult educator, KönzgenHaus, Katholische Arbeitnehmerbewegung (KAB), former member of the national coordination of CAJ/YCW Germany

Hullinger, Ty, USA, Diocesan priest, Baltimore, USA; Cardijn Associates USA

Hwang, Paul Dr, Senior researcher of Woori Theology Institute (WTI) in Seoul, Korea

Hurley, Eugene, Australia, Bishop emeritus, Diocese of Darwin

Ibrahim, Roy, Lebanon, IYCS Programme Coordinator, International Young Catholic Students

Jones, Pat, United Kingdom, Post-doctoral researcher; former diocesan director of adult formation; YCS, 1971-74; CLC, 1992-2002, Pontifical Council of the Laity, 1990-2000

Joseph, Anand, India, Administration, Movements

Joseph, Glynis, India, Cardijn Community India

Joseph, Jerald, Malaysia, Human rights consultant, Community Action Network Malaysia

Joseph, Ruben, India, Convenor, Cardijn Community International

Kabran, Lazare, Ivory Coast, Secretary General IYCS 1991-95

Katongo, Clement, Zambia, Lecturer in public administration, Cardijn Community Zambia

Khadka, Prakash, Nepal, Coordinator, Pax Romana-International Movement of Catholic Students (IMCS) Nepal

Kint, Jan, Belgium, ex KAJ + ACW/

Kuek, Sherman, Malaysia, Deacon, Splendour Project

Kumoyo, Doreen, Zambia, International Cardijn Community Zambia team member

Kummari, Krishnakar, India, Catholic social activist since 20 years, International Movement of Catholic Agricultural and Rural Youth (MIJARC)

Kurtsean, Pitchay, Malaysia, Working in a shipping line/ container carrier, OFS

Kwark, Laurence, France, Former General-Secretary, Pax Romana ICMICA

Laba, Fasika, Ethiopia, Secretary-General of International Movement of Catholic Students IMCS-MIEC Pax Romana

Laxague, Dominique, France, Infirmière en milieu carcéral retraitée, Rattachée à la Famille spirituelle de l’abbé André Bach qui a œuvré durant tout son ministère presbytéral à Paris à l’Apostolat des laïcs (1884-1939). À sa mort, il a confié l’animation de ses Cercles d’Evangile à un laïc, Georges Blanchot (1888-1963)

Lee, Alex, Korea, Executive Director of the Korea Hope Foundation, Former International Team of IYCS-JECI

Lee, Anselmo, Korea, Pax Christi Korea

Lee, Joannes, Singapore

Lemon, Margareta, Australia, Ipswich Catholic Community, Australian Cardijn Institute

Lentern, Paul, Australia, Mission Leader, Catholic Education, Director – Australian Cardijn Institute

León Rondón, Martha Monica, Colombia, Gestora social, Equipo de Apoyo Adulto oara la extension de laJOC en Colombia

Leow, Lucas, Singapore

Liston, Kevin, Australia, Community organiser, Australasian Catholic Coalition for Church Reform

Lopez, Greg, Malaysia/ Australia, Lecturer, International Movement of Catholic Students Asia-Pacific chaplaincy team

Lunda, Ernest, Zambia, Veterinarian’s assistant, former YCW leader

Magri, Joe, Australia, Community work – policy, YCW

Mane, Francis, Singapore, Exco member, Singapore YCW 1980-91; Christian Family and Social Movement 1991-Present

Mardiyono, Ludovicus, Indonesia, Writer, President, International YCW, 2012-2016

Marshall, Ellen, Australia, Adult educator, NECC Social Justice, Northeast Housing Initiative

Martin Leo, India, Cardijn Community India

Massam, Katharine, Professor of History (University of Divinity), Australian Cardijn Institute, YCS 1978-80, Tertiary YCS 1981-1986.

McCafferty, Margaret, Australia, Formerly Australian YCW and International YCW Asia-Pacific Regional Team

Michaels, Charles, USA, Pax Christi Baltimore

Minerve, Joceline, Mauritius, Former MP and Minister for Social Security and National Solidarity, General-Secretary, MIDADE, former chairperson of the Commission Diocesaine du Monde Ouvrier (CDMO), MIDADE 1978-1983; International Team member, Cardijn Community International 2016-23

Mire, Pascale, France, Formations, Ancien de la JOC

Moloney, David, Australia, Historian, Husband, friend, former Secretary Cardijn Community Australia, Director Australian Cardijn Institute

Morales López, Francisco, Mexico, Ingeniero en sistemas, JOC Mexico

Morrow, Ward, USA, Attorney, Law School Professor, Labor union member/lawyer

Mourad, Teresa, Singapore/USA, IYCS Asian Team (1989-92); Secretary, Cardijn Associates USA

Muthasavary, Samuel, India, Working in corporate social responsibility, Former Regional coordinator for IYCW

Neil, Reg, Australia, Public servant, Australian Cardijn Institute

Ngouan, Patrick, Ivory Coast, Medical doctor

Njue, Tarcisio, Kenya, Co-president, World Movement of Christian Workers. Christian Workers Movement

Nonis, Aruna Shantha, Sri Lanka, Freelance Training Consultant, Movement of Catholic Graduates and Professionals of Sri Lanka MCGP Sri Lanka

Ollarves, Felix, Venezuela, Teacher, President International YCW 1987-1991

Otekpo, Clémence, France, President, International Coordination of Young Christian Workers (ICYCW)

Pascual, Baltazar, Philippines, Lay apostolate, Philippine Young Christian Workers (Former Member)

Penequito, Juanito, Philippines, Cardijn Community International

Pereira, Adrian, Malaysia, Labour Rights Activist, North-South Initiative

Pereira, Leonel, Portugal, Former national leader and fulltimer worker, Portugal JOC; Editor of “Juventude Operária”

Peria, Michael, India, Retired from job. Now spending time in the Sacred Music Ministry, Training Church leaders, Religious Communities and institutions in personal and organisational grooming

Peries, Geethani, Sri Lanka, Secretary, IYCW president, 2008-2012, Cardijn Community International, Centre International Cardijn

Prasetyo, Nurhadjanto, Indonesia, Coordinator, ICMICA Asia-Pacific

Prenger, Sarah, Germany, Catholic Social Teaching Specialist, President, International YCW, 2016-2021

Pulcherie, Laval, Mauritius, Employed in office supplies, before worked in the printing industry and also engaged in trade union, Former member of the MIDADE National Team.

Pullicino, Jordan, United Kingdom, Dr of Theology, teaching Pastoral Theology and also Spirituality in seminary. Formerly a university chaplain, religious sister and missionary to Catholic schools

Pütz, Richard, USA, Historian/Theologian, Cardijn movements

Rathnaraj, Rupert, India, Cardijn Community India/Trade unionist – Bank of India Pensioners Association, India

Raux-Yao Kabran, Sylvie, Ivory Coast

Rice, Michael, Australia, Accountant, Australian Cardijn Institute

Robertson, Tony, Australia, Social media creator, L’Arche Brisbane

Rocha Sant’Ana, Silvio, Brazil

Rupasinghe, Rienzie, Australia, Member of the Pontifical Council of the Laity 1967-1981; Executive Secretary Asia Partnership for Human Development 1973-1981.

Ryan, Desmond J., Australia, Director, Australian Cardijn Institute

Samponu, Bertha, Indonesia, Asia Pacific Coordinator, Pax Romana-International Movement of Catholic Students (IMCS) 

Schermer, Conni, Germany, Christliche Arbeiterjugend (CAJ)

Servatius, Soosai, India, Former chaplain, YCW India; Chaplain, Cardijn Community International

Silvester, James, India, Social Worker/ Advocate, Young Catholic Students, Cardijn Community International, Catholic Association of Hyderabad, All India Catholic Union

Smith, Anthony, Australia, Researcher SERINA Sustainability Research Project and Council Member of the International Association for Continuing Engineering Education (IACEE); Laudato Si Tasmania, Northern Deanery Facilitator

Tan, Mark, Singapore, President YCS, Singapore (mid 1960s), Exco member, Catholic Family and Social Movement

Tang, Lay Lee, Singapore, Singapore YCW fulltime worker, 1986-87

Tangsurakit, Rungrote, Thailand, Development specialist; Collaborator, Thailand YCW; Co-founder Cardijn Community International (CCI)l; Co-founder Young People for Development (YPD)

Thangaprakasam, Selvi Ruffina, India, 10 years as Asian Coordinator, MIJARC

Ting, Helen Mu Hung, Malaysia, Associate professor of politics; General-Secretary International Movement of Catholic Students 1991-95

Tjahono, Budi, Indonesia, Human Rights and Faith-based NGO, Pax Romana

Tounsida, Clément, Ivory Coast

Tyack, Geneviève, Mauritius, Member of MIAMSI international Bureau 1996-2004, Chairperson 1998-2002

Untwan, Lindsay, Mauritius, Former chief accountant, Former chairperson of MIDADE Maurice

Van Meerbergen, Felix, Belgium, Parish priest, Diest, Belgium

Vaughan, Kevin, Australia, Retired firefighter, I was a member of the YCW in my youth, I am a life member of the firefighters union.I am a foundation member of the Cardijn Community Australia and a foundation member of Australian Cardijn Institute.

Victorino Lumiwan, Evelyn, Philippines, YCW during my youth days

Vincent, Fernand, Switzerland, Former leader IYCW; Former treasurer, Conference of International Catholic Organisations (COIC); Innovations et réseaux pour le développement (IRED) Geneva

Walsh, Brendan, USA, Catholic worker, Baltimore Catholic Worker

Weng, Laurence, Malaysia, IT professional, RCIA/Youth ministry

Whitaker, Chico, Brazil, co-founder World Social Forum

Wooltorton, Gemma, Educator, Australian Cardijn Institute, YCS 1973-75, 79-81, AYCW 1980-89, 2005-08, 2019-2020

Wong, Freddy, Singapore YCW member 1956-1968, National President: 1963-1968, National President of CFSM: 1972-1975. current Catholic Family and Social Movement exco member; Former member of Archdiocesan Justice and Peace Commission and Archdiocesan Lay apostolate Commission.

Yu, Audrey, Malaysia, Medical receptionist

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